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PaedDr. Michal Joshua Frána, MBA, MHA, LL. M.

Since 2008 he has been engaged in physiotherapy, podiatry and pain treatment. Dr. Frána expands his knowledge of physiotherapy with prof. PaedDr. Pavel Kolář, Ph.D. in the context of developmental kinesiology.

He spreads his podiatric expertise among other physiotherapists as the vice-president of the Czech Podiatric Association and as a teacher at the faculty of Univesity of West Bohemia (ČZU) or through certified courses at his clinic.

At the beginning of 2014 he started a research on the topic of prosthetic equipment for orthopedic insoles vs. therapeutic physical education on a neurophysiological basis and their influence on the action of small feet.

All his acquired knowledge and valuable experience gave him the honour and opportunity to work as the lead physiotherapist for the Olympic team of Czech Republic, several Czech national teams and many individual professional athletes from all around the world. The patient base of his consists not only of professional athletes, but especially of those who really need his help.

An Ambassador from the very beginning...

For his many years of experience in the field of healthcare, PaedDr. Michal Joshua Frána, MBA was named the Ambassador of UNIQUE THERAPEUTICS INC and thus became the valued and successful face of this brand.