Green Pharma CBD Body Lotion, 750mg

750mg CBD, 50ml 

Cream for immediate hydration of your skin with rejuvenating antiaging effects. This ability is ensured especially by retinol, which is one of the few world-renowned substances for smoothing wrinkles, as well as shea butter. An olive oil with its antioxidant effects helps the skin remain smooth and elastic. This cream can be used for treatment of minor skin defects such as abrasions, burns, eczema, and as an aid to muscle regeneration and local pain. The cream contains 750mg of CBD per 50ml, which makes it the strongest cannabidiol cream on the market. 

• Anti-inflamatory
• Relieves from pain and stress
• No-psychoactive substance (without THC)
• Laboratory tested & vegan product


899.00 Kč
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